How is Silver Linings Doing?

Silver Linings has now been in print for seven month and in e-book format for three months. As much as I love the creative process of writing, I am also enjoying the promotional activities related to Silver Linings.

My publisher has indicted that, for a debut novel, Silver Linings is “far ahead of the curve” and getting “exceptional response”.

I am absolutely thrilled that Silver Linings is getting five-star reviews. Readers have written:

“. . . [Silver Linings] grips your heart and takes you away from the first . . . Kate hit this one out of the park with her intense character and scenery development. A perfect read . . .”

Dr. J. Ingram, Fort Hood, Texas

“[Silver Linings] touched on all major emotions, love, anger, sadness, even greed. I couldn't put it down!”

C. Sheldon, King City, Ontario

Independent book reviewers are also rating it as five stars, and have offered comments such as:

“ . . . the writing is stunning, and Kate does a superb job of creating her characters, her settings and her story . . . the book twists and turns into the unexpected, and Kate does a brilliant job of bringing a real depth to her characters . . .”

Sarah Burns, The Kindle Book Review, Manchester, UK

“. . . a wonderfully written book . . . it delivered on all counts . . . the story is universal and wonderful.”

Melanie Carrico, Have You Heard My Book Review, DeWitt, MI, USA

There have been a number of book signings for Silver Linings as well. At a recent signing at the CN Tower, more copies of Silver Linings were sold than any other title in a single day in the 35-year history of the Tower.

For Valentine's Day, I was invited to do two readings and a book signing at First Canadian Place, Toronto's premier office/retail complex, in conjunction with IndigoSpirit. This event was a lot of fun, and it was great to meet so many readers!

Thank you very much for your support!