What's New With Kate

Summer passed at record speed and there just didn’t seem to be enough time to do everything Ken and I had hoped! Despite the exceptional weather in Ontario, we didn’t spend as much time as we usually do at our cottage, as Ken was travelling for business quite a bit since June.

With no major overseas trips planned, we did spend some time with family and friends in Kelowna, British Columbia, and Los Angeles, California.

Just as the leaves started turning color, the most significant change for me over the past months was leaving my “day job” as a business executive at the end of September. I still plan to be involved in business but not on a full time basis, enabling me to put considerably more time and energy into my writing. If I was able to complete three manuscripts in two years, working at it very early in the morning, late in the evening and weekends only, it should be interesting to see how things unfold, now that I will have more time to dedicate to it.

Of course, this means I will also have more time for promotional activities, such as signings and readings, both of which I enjoy a great deal.

For the first time in many years, I have also been able to take a little extra time working in our gardens, both at home and at our cottage. The fall clean-up is nearly done!

It’s early days yet, but I am thoroughly enjoying the flexibility I now have. Stay tuned for an update in my next newsletter!