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The second of my three 2017 releases, Home to Stay, is now available for purchase. Home to Stay is the fourth book in my award-winning San Diego K-9 Unit Series. The final book to be released in 2017 is scheduled for October. A Priceless Find is a sequel to my award-winning 2014 release, A Child's Christmas.

Here is a little information about all three of my 2017 releases.

Home to Stay is receiving terrific reviews, and I am grateful to everyone who takes the time to post a review. Here are some excerpts:

~ “Kate James has weaved a wonderful story, filled with heartache and fear…and love.”

~ “If you love reading gripping, romantic stories with amazing main characters, Home to Stay is a definite must-read.”
~ “There were twists I didn't see coming.”
~ “It was an emotional rollercoaster ride.”
~ “Through all the twists and turns this story will take you on, you’ll be on the edge of your seat.”
~ “Kate James has an impressive descriptive writing style. She makes her stories come to life in a beautiful, emotional way. I love her empathy and her great skill to explore what her characters are feeling through and through.”
~ “[Home to Stay] has plenty of unexpected twists and turns, and it's captivating and really well written.”
~ “The tale of loss, grief, moving forward, faith, hope and forgiveness is complete.”

~ “This book had a lot going on emotionally, so brace yourself for a rollercoaster ride of emotions! Love, respect, fear, suspense, worry, excitement, happiness, sorrow and surprise. And don’t forget there are dogs involved!!”
~ “A sweet and enjoyable read with a strong story line filled with moments of tension and others of heart.”
~ “Wow, I really got into this book. Love the mystery and suspense of it, love the characters and especially the dogs. I just love how Kate James knows how to tell a great story, brings the characters to life. This is a great series but each book can stand alone.”

~ “This romantic-suspense book moves very quickly, and you’ll want to keep reading to find out what happens! There are some great twists and turns that will keep you guessing. I loved the ending, and you will too! Add Home to Stay to your must-read pile of books!”

You can purchase Home to Stay at: HarlequinAmazon, Barnes & Noble, iTunes, Indigo and other online retailers.

The celebrate the release of Home to Stay, three other Heartwarming authors and I have a giveaway you can enter until July 29th. You can learn about the giveaway and enter here. Here is a sneak peek at our prize pack!

Heartfelt thanks to everyone who chooses to spend their valuable leisure time reading one of my books.

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