Welcome to my Spring Garden!

If you follow me on Twitter or are friends with me on Facebook, you probably know that winter just hasn't wanted to give up its hold on southern Ontario. When discussion spring with my husband, I used to insist that winter (weather wise) was over at the end of February. Well, this year taught me a lesson to NEVER say THAT again! Our last major snowfall was this month. But now . . . spring is finally here! I love the warmer temperatures, the sound of birds chirping early in the morning, critters making their presence known (even if it is that deer that keeps eating the tops of all my tulips) and everything starting to green up. 

Since I've worked hard the last few days to clean up the garden, I thought I would take you for a walk around our property to show them to you. It's nice and warm now, so you won't need a coat.

Let's start at the back of the house. Here is the little stone dog who sits in the garden just outside our back door, where we take Harley and Logan out for their walks or to play. This is the first garden we come to as we walk by our back patio. The perennials aren't visible yet. I tend to plant quite a few annuals here to give a blast of color all summer long!

This time of the year, I always have to remind Logan NOT to go running through this garden in his enthusiasm to reach the backyard first.

This is the part of our backyard where Harley and Logan like to chase their "Chuck It" balls. I'll have to get a video of Harley as he races out the back door, dancing in little circles in his excitement to play. (It's very cute!)

This is the garden near the back patio. It has stone stairs in the middle, leading down to the lower level of the backyard. 

This is the side of the same garden. This section doesn't get a lot of sun because of the mature trees nearby, so most of the plants here are shade-loving perennials.

This is the same garden from the lower level of the backyard. You can see the stone steps leading to the patio. The bottom portion of this garden gets sun for most of the day, so it's a terrific spot for all sorts of plants that prefer full sunshine. There are a number of rose bushes in this garden and low-growing perennials. It also contains lots of spring bulbs, lilies and irises, all sprouting now.

Here is a clump of daffodils . . .

. . . and the very first daffodil to bloom!

Although this picture doesn't do it justice, this is the view of the valley behind our house. It's nice to finally see all the trees start to get their leaves.

We've walked by the back of the house to the other corner. This garden contains mostly lilies and hostas.

The next pictures are of a couple of the front gardens. They're not much to look at just now, but with all the bulbs and other perennials coming up, they will be full of color soon.

Now we're at the other side of the house and back to where we started: Harley and Logan's favorite play area.

And speaking of Harley and Logan, what would one of my posts be without a picture of the boys! Here they are just after they got home from the "spa," last Wednesday. They were clean and fluffy and smelled very nice. The spa lady always puts cute bandanas on them. Aren't they handsome?

Thank you for joining me for a walk around the property. I wish you a wonderful spring!

Happy reading!