Would you like to participate in a Heartwarming Spring Fling?

Most places in North America experienced a longer and harsher winter than usual. Ontario was no exception.

This year, we had snow on the ground in October (!), and it persisted all winter.

Personally, I missed the sunshine. Many days were dreary, gray and with temperatures as low as –40°C with the wind chill, darn cold! (Coincidentally, –40°C is also –40°F.)

Although I’m not a fan of slushy, dirty snow in the city, at our cottage the pristine, glistening blanket of white can be very appealing.

But this year, even there we seemed to get less sunshine than normal.

On the plus side, except for a few of the coldest days, our dogs weren't deterred from playing Frisbee.

Still, I’m happy that spring is only days away. I think fondly of the perennial gardens at our cottage.

With spring and my May 1st Harlequin Heartwarming release, THE TRUTH ABOUT HOPE, in mind, I’ve been thinking about how best to celebrate both these events. I consulted with a few of my fellow Heartwarming authors with upcoming releases, and we came up with a fun idea. What better way to celebrate spring and our spring releases than with our readers!

First, let me profile some of the beautiful covers of the April and May books from some of the participating authors . . .

And here’s what we have planned: We will give away a grand prize of seven books and . . . wait for it . . . the makings for a spring perennial garden! We might even add some additional prizes of single books.

Watch for our Sunday, April 12th post on the Heartwarming blog announcing the contest and how you can enter to win.

Happy (almost) spring . . . and happy reading!