We Have a Title!

Thank you, again, to everyone, who took the time to submit their suggestions for the title of the third book in my K-9 trilogy. We now have a probable title: WHEN I FOUND YOU.

The reason I say probable is because there’s still a chance that it might change as it works its way through the final steps of the process. I apologize for the delay in announcing the outcome, but the selection took a little longer than we anticipated.

We had narrowed in on a couple of suggested titles, and most particularly WHEN LOVE TAKES FLIGHT. I liked the meaning and the connection to the airport setting through the reference to flight. I also appreciated that this title was suggested by four individuals!

The process is a collaborative one between author and publisher for good reason. I thought WHEN LOVE TAKES FLIGHT might be the chosen title until my publisher pointed out something that hadn’t occurred to me. We know that Heartwarming books always have a happy-ever-after ending, and it was suggested that “taking flight” could be interpreted to mean someone is running away from lovea less than happy outcome. :-(

As such, my editor and I considered a number of other options and came up with I FOUND YOU.

WHEN LOVE TAKES FLIGHT was an excellent contender and because I am truly appreciative of the time people took to offer their suggestions, I will declare the four people suggesting it as “winners,” and they will each receive all three books in the trilogy and be mentioned in the acknowledgments section of WHEN I FOUND YOU.

So, without further delay, here are the four winners:  

  • Summer Halls,
  • Laurie Iglesias,
  • June Smalls, and
  • Jill Weatherholt.

Summer, Laurie, June and Jill, I have contacted you by e-mail.

Thank you, again, for everyone who took the time to submit a suggestion.

Best wishes for the holiday season!