Home to Stay - Book Club Questions

Home to Stay, book four in the San Diego K-9 Unit series, by Kate James, Harlequin Heartwarming, ISBN-13: 978-0373368433

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Book Club Questions

1.    What are the major themes of this story?

2.    How do Sawyer’s and Shannon’s pasts influence their present?

3.    Do you feel that, as adults, Shannon and Sawyer have dealt with their respective losses in a constructive way?

4.    Shannon works in a field that is still largely male dominated. Justifiably, there are minimum standards for health and fitness that must be met. How important do you think on balance physical attributes (such as strength, speed and size) are for law-enforcement professionals to be optimally effective at their jobs versus intelligence, tact, diplomacy and/or compassion?

5.    In Home to Stay the hero, Sawyer Evans, must deal with the horrific situation of his young son disappearing. How do you feel about this subject matter being an integral part of the plot for a Heartwarming book?

6.    Did you consider Sawyer’s behavior credible under the circumstances?

7.    The Stockholm syndrome is a condition that causes hostages and kidnap victims to develop strong emotional ties to their captors as a survival strategy during captivity. In Sawyer’s place, how would you feel about your young son’s emotional attachment to his captor?

8.    How do you feel about Shannon’s breech of protocol in reaching out to Sawyer on a personal level?

9.    Are there scenes in Home to Stay that evoked a strong emotional reaction in you? If so, which where they and why? Did you find the most emotional scenes distressing or satisfying?

10.    Did you find the ending of the story satisfying? Can you think of a different ending?

Happy reading!