Sanctuary Cove - Book Club Questions

Sanctuary Cove, by Kate James, Harlequin Heartwarming, ISBN-13: 978-0-373-36827-3

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Book Club Questions

1.    How do you feel about Emma’s conviction to not continue with her assignment with the senator? Can you think of another way she could have handled the situation in a manner that would not have caused her to compromise her integrity but wouldn’t have cost her her job?

2.    Have you faced a situation where sticking to your principles either came at a personal cost or easily could have? If so, how did you handle it?

3.    Sadly, we regularly hear in the news about corruption, whether political or corporate. How rampant do you think corruption is in politics or business and why?

4.   Do you believe there’s truth to the saying that power corrupts?

5.   Both Josh and Emma love animals but, unlike Josh, Emma could never have been a veterinarian, because she becomes too emotionally invested with sick or dying animal. Do you think you could make a good veterinarian and why? Would you be able to maintain an emotional detachment when necessary?

6.    Service dogs have been proven to be effective at helping people with a wide range of ailments from sensing seizures before they occur to detecting cancer earlier than technology can to helping the blind navigate or helping people with post-traumatic stress disorder cope. What are your views on the use of service dogs?

7.    Studies show that 39 percent of women have suffered some form of psychological abuse. Emma, a strong, capable woman, was a victim of such abuse and didn’t realize it. Discuss how this is possible and what support systems are available to a person to help them extricate themselves from a harmful relationship.

8.    Even without Josh in the picture, Emma would have chosen to live in Sanctuary Cove rather than New York City. Would you chose a small town or a big city, and why?

9. Are there scenes in Sanctuary Cove that evoked a strong emotional reaction in you? If so, which where they and why? Did you find these scenes satisfying?

10. Did you find the ending of the story satisfying? Can you think of a different ending?

Happy reading!