When I Found You - Book Club Questions

When I Found You, by Kate James, Harlequin Heartwarming, ISBN-10: 037336797X, ISBN-13: 978-0373367979

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Book Club Questions

1.    What are the major themes of this story?

2.    I discovered through my research that K-9 officers have some of the most dangerous jobs in law enforcement. By extension, so do their dogs. In part, this is a function of how the dogs work to be effective, not allowing for many of the precautions that would be taken by a tactical team, for example. What are your thoughts about using K-9 versus tactical teams in high-risk situations?

3.    Ariana works in a field that is still largely male dominated. Although the gap with respect to gender balance has been closed or narrowed for many professions, there are others for which it has not. What are some of these professions? Can you think of reasons why gaps in those professions might still exist?

4.    Logan was reluctant to get involved in a committed relationship because of his observations about how being married to a police officer impacted his mother. Do you believe his mother’s reaction was credible? Even if so, was Logan’s view on relationships/marriage understandable? If your spouse has a high-risk occupation, how do you handle it? If not, how do you think you would handle it?

5.    Sadly, terrorism is in the news much too often these days. Social media has dramatically changed the process of radicalizing youth and recruiting home-grown terrorists. It’s been said by government officials that certain Facebook posts can attract a response from a terrorist cell member in as little as twenty minutes. What are your thoughts about the prevalence of social media and the extent to which young people use it today? How comfortable are you with your children’s social media activities? Do you monitor their activities and, if so, how effective do you think your monitoring efforts are?

6.    Do Logan and Ariana change through the story? If so, how are they different at the end? Do they help each other change or are the changes caused by external influences, or both?

7.    Are there scenes in the story that evoked a strong emotional reaction in you, either happy or sad? If so, which where they and why? Did you find these scenes satisfying?

8.    Did you find the ending of the story satisfying? Can you think of a different ending?

9.    If you’ve read all three books in the trilogy, which K-9 unit officer appealed to you most (Cal Palmer, Rick Vasquez or Logan O’Connor) and why?

Happy reading!