When Love Matters Most - Book Club Questions

When Love Matters Most, by Kate James, Harlequin Heartwarming, ISBN-10: 0373367716

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Book Club Questions

1.    How do the characters’ pasts influence their present? Do you feel that, as adults, Rick and Madison have dealt with their childhood experiences constructively?

2.    What are the major themes of this story?

3.    Government immigration and refugee policies have taken on a heightened level of political and public interest since the tragic events in Paris. What are your views on immigration policies and refugee asylum?

4.    One of the themes of When Love Matters Most is the war against drug trafficking, and the violence and other criminal activities that often result. Do you believe that legalizing certain drugs, such as the Canadian government plans to with marijuana, will have an impact—either positive or negative—on the criminal element involved in drug trafficking? Are you supportive of legalizing drugs for medicinal purposes?

5.    K-9 handlers have one of the most dangerous jobs in police services and by extension so do their dogs. How do you feel about the use of canines for high-risk police operations?

6.    Madison chose to move away from her family and friends to pursue her career. Would you do that?

7.    Veterinarians do so much good for animals, but they can’t save every creature they treat. If you were a veterinarian, would you be able deal with the loss of an animal and, if so, how? 

8.    Based on his background, do you think Rick can be effective and impartial in his work? Is the law black and white in your opinion? Are there any gray areas? Is Rick right to ignore the letter of the law to do what he considers the right thing? Should he be held to a higher (or different) standard as a police officer?

9.    Do Rick and Madison change through the story? If so, how are they different at the end? Do they help each other change or are the changes caused by external influences, or both?

10. Are there scenes in the story that evoked a strong emotional reaction in you? If so, which where they and why? Did you find these scenes satisfying?

11. Did you find the ending of the story satisfying? Can you think of a different ending?

Happy reading!